January 22, 2016


Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a progressive assessment process to discover the efficiency of the muscle and nervous systems of the body. MAT is a systematic process for testing individual muscle function and efficiency, and manually manipulating those muscles who’s function has been impaired. MAT assists in the development of exercise programs, based of what muscles tested strong and efficient, and which ones did not. The purpose of exercise training and rehab is to strengthen the weaker muscle tissues, and progress the healthy, efficient ones. But without proper testing, how do you know which is which? The only true way to know is to have a method of specific muscle testing, not muscle group testing. We have all experienced levels of muscular and nervous system dysfunction in the forms of short term or chronic tension/tightness, lack/loss of range of motion or mobility from either unknown or known injuries, or overuse. Many have also experienced random occurrences of these, with no understanding of why or how the dysfunction began. Individuals have also experienced these symptoms from a young age with growing pains, recurring injuries, surgeries, or rare developmental setbacks. In many scenarios, MAT can offer many methods to evaluate, test, treat, and potentially recover from these symptoms.

It is my practice to begin a process of recovery, and set forth a plan of recovery over time. With an infinite number of individual differences case to case it is still impossible to foresee timetable for recovery, or estimate the extent of recovery possible. MAT provides many scientific methods to explain and educate the most frustrating scenarios, and also show progressive improvements through each client’s process.