January 22, 2016

Athletic Development

My exercise application methods are influenced by the sciences and thought processes of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), Myotopia FNS, and Resistance Training Specialist (RTS).  It is vital all clients understand their body’s methods of function and self-preservation. Helping each client understand the foundational techniques of exercise, understand proper mechanics, and how to apply them in any weight room or gym across the world is my basic foundation. Majority of mainstream exercise techniques are overly aggressively to our joint structures. Instead of building a foundation of health, they numb or mask the pain signals our bodies use to protect itself, or create a false, short term solution in the form of a compensation. Unreasonable expectations and standards of exercise techniques and habits are dispelled when science is applied to exercise and its methods, which allows for progressive, long lasting, positive changes to occur.

If you are looking for real answers, with scientific research and development, and ready for a process of education with safe, healthy, long lasting changes, then this site could be the beginning of a new way of life for you! Welcome to Terry Wilson ATI.