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The services I provide are always specific and defined by the clients I get the opportunity and priveledge to work with. Each client requires a unique assessment and plan to produce their desired success, and requires team work and partnership. These services and coordinated plans are always fluid and evolving as the clients themselves improve, heal, and develop new found abilities.

MATRx Master Nuex Specialist

MAT is a revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances, joint instability, and your limitations in range of motion.

Injury Assessment & Rehab coordination

Chronic or acute, any injury will have a lasting negative effect on your performance, longevity, and satisfaction in your participation of your sport.

Athletic Development & Performance

Discover your personal elements of weakness for improvement and maximum performance results in your sport.

Education Advising & Mentoring

Anyone with an interest in a related field of MAT, athletic training, coaching, or personal training, I offer internship and advising opportunities.

About Terry

My goal is to guide accomplished or serious Athlete’s knowledge of time management, resources, training periodization, & organized training plans. I want to help young athletes organizing their ‘play’ structures, through encouragement to develop self awareness, self confidence, self identification, & extreme ownership via sport and strength training. I want to teach & build positive, healthy habits for athletes of all ages through concepts of leadership, accountability, responsibilities, and respect.

Seattle Seahawks

Athletic Trainer & MATRx Specialist
Athletic trainer responsible for assisting with training room injury management, travel preparation, and game day coverage. Later, became the team MAT consultant and practitioner to assist staff athletic trainers with injury management.

XFL Seattle Dragons

Assistant Athletic Trainer
Assisted daily injury management & rehab programing & design with MATRx, practice, home & away travel game coverage duties, supervised intern athletic trainer & part time game day athletic training interns.

Athletic Training Institute

Muscle Activation Techniques Master & Rx Specialist
Injury assessment for chronic, acute, or post surgical scenarios. Athletic development assessments and program designs for the individual or group sports. Education advising and mentoring for individuals interested in the fields of injury management and sport.

Head Athletic Trainer

Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer
Coordinated daily injury assessment & rehab development with college athletes and coaches.

Athletic Training Institute

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